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The End

I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of weeks.

I think that this blog has helped me realize a few things in conjunction with my prayer life. And that is that this struggle isn’t so terrible and that we are not special victims because of our cross. I used to fool myself into thinking that the cross of homosexuality was special because of its difficulty. But I am wrong.

Everybody has a cross. And everybody’s cross is difficult to them. No matter what. In one sense I cannot relate to how other sins could possibly be as difficult to overcome as mine are. I mean resisting lying vs. resisting sex doesn’t really compare. But that’s only because of my perspective due to my experience. For others their sins are just as difficult to handle.

The whole point of this blog was to rally a special victim group together and pat ourselves on the back to say “yeah, way to go, we are so good for dealing with this difficult cross.” But that is unnecessary. We don’t need special treatment. We don’t need to feel sorry for ourselves. We don’t need to victimize ourselves. We just need to admit that we are flawed and broken and no different than any other sinner.

So I end this blog and encourage the one or two people who ever viewed it to find real community with real people who struggle with all kinds of sin and not focus on a specific type of sin, but to focus on the love of the community which will enable to overcome whatever sin it is that we struggle with.

I’ll leave this site up indefinitely in case any of these posts will help someone, but I encourage you to go beyond this.

God Bless!




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