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It’s kind of a strange word.

It’s a word that humans have a love-hate relationship with. We like it when we are the ones being obeyed. But we hate it when are the ones being called to obey.

Nevertheless, Christians are called to be obedient. What does that entail though?

I’m no theologian, nor am I a philosopher, but as a follower of Christ I know that its very origin is humility.

The very origin of an individual’s relationship with Jesus Christ begins with humility. Until we realize that we do not have the answers to life, that we do not have the power to save ourselves without assistance, until we realize that we are not the creators of our nature, the deciders of reality, we can have no part of Jesus Christ. A relationship with Christ consists of us understanding how exactly we relate to God. While God does call us friends and sons and daughters and brothers and sisters, we are still subjects. We are still finite while he is infinite. We are lower than than the angels, angels who perfectly worship God unceasingly.

Humility? Relationship with Christ? What does this have to do with obedience?

The point I’m making is that obedience flows from understanding who we are in comparison with God. Obedience is our response to God. We accept the fact that we did not create ourselves and so we do not get to create our own purpose our own set of rules our own way of life. We accept that only the creator can know our purpose and our design and only he can reveal that to us. And when that is revealed we comply.

So as Christians we are bound to the duty of obeying the commands and designs of God. We are bound to pray, bound to worship, bound to chastity, bound to truthfulness, bound to gratefulness, bound to love and compassion, bound to honor our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit.

While humility is the foundation of our lives as Christians, we also must accept the fact that we are not slaves of God in the sense that he is a harsh un-compassionate task-master and maker of arbitrary rules. We learn to see the reality that his way is not a restriction of our spirit or body, but is a door for giving and receiving love. It is a way that seeks to raise our lives to a higher plane of reality and being. It is a way that when perfectly conformed to, offers us the most wonderful gift of all: glorious union with God.

When I think about this in context of my sexual urges, I can’t help but weigh the two options in my mind: years of sexual relationships with other men, be it just one or tens or hundreds, or eternity in union with God? I can’t possibly fathom what eternal union with God is like, but I’ll bet that one minute with God who created this vast and intricate universe is better than all the sex and emotions and gifts and fun I could have with all the men in my life for all time.

Obedience is for my own good, so that I may experience true Goodness, Jesus Christ.



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