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As a Christian I Cannot Be in a Same Sex Relationship

What I’m going to say is probably going to piss some people off, both Christians and non-Christians. I have to say that I don’t care about pissing non-Christians off. If we believe in Jesus Christ, we must accept the fact that not all people are Christians. Part of accepting that fact is to acknowledge that Christians are different from non-Christians because we have a personal communion with the God of the universe. Part of that relationship involves having the Holy Spirit, which is something that non-Christians don’t have. Without the Holy Spirit is impossible to understand the meaning of Scripture. So what I am about to say about Scripture will not find acceptance among the majority of non-Christians because they are spiritually incapable of understanding while they remain in revolt against Christ.

But what I have to say will also piss off a lot of Christians because many Christians have exchanged the definition of love for the definition of being nice. The words are not the same, but society has blurred their distinctions and many Christians have integrated this distortion into their spiritual lives. Many Christians have also completely abandoned the concept of self-sacrifice for the concept of self-fulfillment.


Wait. Let’s back up.


No, still a little further.


Okay, let’s begin here.

Dating is a popular activity in our culture and has been for quite some time. Today, the reasons for dating are many, or few, depending on how one looks at it. Whatever the reason, whether it is to make mom happy, to fit in with other dating couples, or to have someone to have fun with on the weekend, the ultimate purpose of dating is to court and discern. Dating’s primary purpose is to court a lover, that is, to win their heart so that they will accept your heart in return. As the hearts of the two people draw ever nearer and contemplate who the other heart really is, dating offers a wonderful opportunity to discern whether or not the one you are wooing is the one. This is the ultimate goal of the dating experience. All the other joys and benefits of dating are secondary. To date someone you already know is not your soul mate is a waste of time and money. To discover while dating that the other is your soul mate is wonderful, and it is time to move from dating to something different.

Marriage. Marriage is a concept that has been all but destroyed by our culture, long before the culture war over gay marriage began. Since the introduction of permissible contraception into the culture by the Church of England in the 1930’s and the introduction of no-fault divorce by Governor Reagan of California, marriage has been in steep decline. We all know the statistics about how many marriages fail and we all see the number of people who engage in premarital and extramarital relations with each other. But this isn’t want God intends marriage to be. God created marriage in the very beginning when he made Adam and Eve. He ordained and established marriage when he told the human race that sons would leave their parents to cling to his wife and they would become one flesh. Theologically this is one of the most beautiful ideas ever! When we understand the concept of the union of body and soul in the human person, that the soul and the body are inseparable, and we apply it to marriage, it is not simply that a married couple becomes one flesh, but their souls become united as well. The husband and his wife are one in flesh, in soul, in life. They share absolutely everything with each other. This strong bond of love is absolutely necessary for the proper use of sex.

Let’s take a break. In the next post I will talk about sex!

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2 comments on “As a Christian I Cannot Be in a Same Sex Relationship

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    • fellowshipofaugustine
      January 5, 2013

      I often wonder this too. I think I will write a follow up post about this question. Thanks!

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