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As a Christian I Cannot Be in a Same Sex Relationship: 2

In the last post I talked about the purpose of dating was for marriage and ended with the purpose of marriage being for…


Sex is an amazing physical mechanism which God gave us! I mean think about it: the parts line up really well, it feels really good, and the end result is new life that comes from both the male and the female.

New life is pretty awesome. New life is also pretty vulnerable and needs to be protected. New life also benefits greatly from stability. Good thing that during sex, the brain and different glands release tons of chemicals and hormones into the body such as dopamine, oxytocin, and vasopressin which all lead to interpersonal bonds between the two people getting it on. These chemicals aid in keeping the two lovers committed to each other for the sake of the young one being created by their biological romp. This is what sex is all about. Sex is about the procreative powers of the male and the female being united responsibly. This is what biology teaches us. This is what the Bible teaches us. Marriage is all about strengthening and reinforcing the power of sex with the grace of God. And dating is all about preparing for marriage.

And that is why, as a Christian abstaining from a same-sex relationship is just a personal choice, but is a requirement of God. Sex must only occur in the confines of marriage. God is pretty damn clear on that. It doesn’t matter what I want or feel. Gay, straight, bi, sex is only for marriage. And marriage is only for a man and a woman. Why? Because marriage isn’t simply an expression or statement of love. There are lots of examples of love between people. That doesn’t mean that the relationships between people are marriage. Marriage is about procreative love. This can only happen between a man and a woman. This is a biological fact. And it is a Biblical teaching. God created male and female, not male and male, not female and female. He didn’t say that a son will leave his parents for his husband, or that their daughter will leave for her wife.

No matter what my personal desires are, as long as I claim to believe in Jesus Christ, I must believe in the Bible and must accept its teachings. If the Bible is wrong on marriage, maybe its wrong on everything. The point is, there is no room for discussion on this issue among Christians: the purpose of marriage is intertwined in the procreative sexual nature of the heterosexual relationship. This nature is uniquely distinct from the nature of homosexual relationships. And because dating’s fundamental purpose is for marriage, a same-sex dating relationship is a waste of time and resources.

Like I said in the first post, this definitely will piss off non-Christians and they will probably bring up stuff like the Bible’s condemnation of shellfish and supposed promotion of rape and slavery, and call me a hypocrite for not calling shrimp poppers evil as well. But the reality is that the Bible is much deeper than the plain texts. God’s law on marriage isn’t for shits and giggles. It serves a deeper purpose and is ultimately a reflection on the unity of the Trinity and the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. God’s law on shellfish and slavery isn’t really about shellfish and slaves, it is about something much deeper, something that non-Christians cannot comprehend.

And if you call yourself a Christian and this pisses you off, they you have some deep soul searching to do. This isn’t just my opinion, but the consistent teaching of Scripture, of Jewish Law and of the Christian Church since the day of Pentecost. It may be time to figure out of you’ve redefined love to mean “being nice” and if abandoned the self-sacrificing example that Jesus gave us for the self-indulgent example of our society.



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